Bed & Breakfast

“Al Badilet”

Castion – Belluno

If the warmth and the sensation of feeling “at home”, even during a holiday, could have a place, that would be the B&B “Al Badilet” of  CastionBelluno.

If magic had a scent, it would be that of the wood we chose for the interiors and the furniture made by local artisans.

If feeling good could be painted, it would take the shape of our cosy rooms;

If the palate could speak, it would talk about our sweet breakfasts;

If nature could live, it would have the shape of the colours that smile in our garden and around the Valbelluna.

Once you reach the small village of Madeago, part of the Pieve Castionese, the first thing you will notice is the tranquillity and silence of the place, very rare qualities nowadays.

The house where the B&B Al Badilet was built is located in a inner courtyard of the historic Via Badilet. This house dates back to the early 1900s and has been recently renovated by Alberto and his wife Monica, after a first renovation in the 60s by the paternal grandfather and Alberto’s parents.

A warm family environment and a quiet and welcoming atmosphere will be waiting for you. We will be happy to host, entertain and cuddle you in our home.

Do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email through the contact page or by calling the phone numbers that you may find at the bottom of the page.